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2021 Wreath for Vets Event

Star Group Veterans participate in 2021 Wreath for Vets Event

No weather has been able to cancel the laying of the Wreaths on the graves of those who served our country. And Saturday Nov 27, 2021  was no different even with the rain and inclement conditions; still thousands came out to participate at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery Wreath for Vets laying. 

This touching Events is an honor for a moment to pay respect to the Veterans who have gone before us. It’s a small sacrifice to symbolize that their lives and what they gave is not forgotten.

Star Group Veterans Wreath for Vets Lead Team consisting of Ms Powell, Mr Spencer, Ms Bridges, Mr Robinson and Ms Robinson along with approximately 15 additional SGVHV members were on hand to help lay wreaths. 

Prior to the laying of the wreaths, there was a cemetery to honor the Veterans with Maj. Gen. Steve Gilland, Fort Hood deputy commander, giving the keynote address. He thanked Jean Shine, the founder of Friends of Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery (commonly known as Wreaths for Vets), for beginning the tradition of laying a wreath at every gravesite every year since 2007. Thanks to her vision every veteran’s grave has a wreath which is very unusual. Without her and the community this wouldn’t be possible. As of 2021, there are approximately 12,500 veterans and family members interred at the cemetery, every headstone represents a veteran. “But the headstone signifies much more than just name and rank,” Maj. Gen. Gilland said. “In this cemetery, each stone represents a lifetime of service to our nation, going far beyond their time in uniform. It represents the support of thousands of military families, as well as the sacrifice and the grief that they, too, have endured over the years. Remember “It signifies freedom and the American way of life that has been defended so valiantly by these veterans as you lay your wreaths.”

 Maj. Gen. Gilland and Command Sgt. Maj. Cliff Burgoyne, the top enlisted soldier at Fort Hood, laid the first wreath at the base of a fallen soldier monument. Star Group Veterans members Mr. & Ms Anderson son, SSG Mecolus C. Mc Daniels  listed on the wall. 

 The monument, which depicts a pair of boots, with an upright rifle and a combat helmet on the butt of the rifle, is the center of a group of other monuments that bear the names and photos of Fort Hood soldiers who have lost their lives in the line of duty during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After fulfilling their obligation, Star Group Veterans members went to the grave of each of our deceased members, to ensure there is a wreath laid and we said a prayer thanking them for their military service and commitment to the Star Group Veterans Organization. 



1. David Lehmkuhler (SGVHV Member) Died 2013

2. Willie Gordon (SGVHV Member) Died 2013 

3.James "Don"Bailey (SGVHV Member) Died 2015

4. Earnest Peel (Spouse of SGVHV Member) Died 2015

5.Willie Browning (SGVHV Member) Died 2016

6. Elijah King Jr (SGVHV Member) Died 2017 

7.Katherine Gordon (SGVHV Member) Died 2019 

8.Gainwell “Jimmy” White (SG-VHV Member) Died 2020 

9.Donald “Don” Walker (SGVHV Member) Died 2021

10.Henri Grenier, (SGVHV Member) Died 2021

11.Mark Mello (Spouse of SGVHV Member) Died 2009

12.Keith Pullins (Spouse of SGVHV Member) Died 2009

13.SSG Mecolus C. Mc Daniels (SGVHV Honorary Member & Son of SGVHV Member)  Died 2011 (In line of Duty)

14.Suzanne Belland (Relative of SGVHV Member) Died 2012

15. Naomi Lynette Robinson (Daughter of SGVHV Member), Died 2018

SG-VHV deceased members graves at other area 

  1. Jacqueline Stabler (SGVHV Member) Died 2013 (Location-Killeen Memorial)
  2. Margie Williams (SGVHV Member) Died 2015 (Location-Killeen Memorial
  3. Jimmie Hensley (SGVHV Member) Died 2017 (Location-Copperas Cove Cemetery)
  4. Rudy Rodriguez (SGVHV Member) Died 2017 (Location-Lampasas)
  5. Carol Golding SGVHV Member     Died 2019 (Location-Copperas Cove Cemetery) 

The wreaths will stay in place until Jan. 8, 2022 when volunteers will return to the Cemetry to pick the wreaths and put them in storage.

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