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SGVHV Attends Copperas Cove Utility Adm Building Re-opening

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Star Group-Veterans Helping Veterans members were excited to attend the ribbon-cutting celebration for the recent renovation of the Copperas Cove Utility Administration building. 

The new building (newly renovated) is beautiful and truly a smart economic decision. The new building is state of the art and very modern and conducive for all citizens. 

The community watched as Jo Ann Perez, Utility Administration manager, snipped through the ribbon.

“It’s been a good transition,” Perez said as people toured the newly renovated facility. “The public is real receptive to the new building.”

Since transitioning back to the building at 305 S. Main St., the Utility Administration has grown its number of staff from three to 13.

“The staff has been amazing,” Perez said. “They like it, we’re all in one building, so it’s all positive; it’s been really good.”

“Several years ago, when we moved out of this building, the expectation was we’re done with this building,” said City Manager Ryan Haverlah. “In fact, city council actually gave direction that once we moved out, there was the possibility we would sell this building and this location and be out of it.”

Great decision To Renovate not Sell & Smart Financial decision

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