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Friday, 11 November 2022 12:59

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to All who Served. 

As a grateful people, We at Star Group Veterans Helping Veterans take this time to Thank You for Your Service, Dedication and Sacrifice.

Tuesday, 26 July 2022 00:00

2022 SGVHV Cancer Survivor’s Event

Cancer survivor event 


Star Group Veterans Helping Veterans, hosted our annual Cancer survivor event at our headquarters in Copperas Cove.


June is National Cancer Survivors Month, A Star Group Veterans Event was organized by Mr John Cook and the SGVHV Team. 

Mr Cook birthed this Event out of the group’s Cancer Team. He stated

“The Event means a lot to me because a lot of people don’t know the story of cancer survivors nor what the go through. “We want people to know that a lot of cancer survivors are still here, and we want to keep them in our prayers and honor them.

This years survivor recipients were 

Mr. Audra (Dra) Hill, Ms. Julie Moser and Ms. Barbara Mims. 

They told the story of their journey, about when they were first diagnosed, how they have lived with the disease, and how they are doing now. Afterwards they posed for a picture with John Cook member of Star Group Veterans Helping Veterans and coordinator of the Cancer Survivor Celebration that was hosted by Star Group Veterans Helping Veterans.

One of the Survivors  is a Star Group Veterans Life Member, Mr. Audra “Dra” Hill is also a United States Air Force Veteran, and is battling cancer.

Mr. Hill went to the doctor because his back was really hurting, and the doctor did numerous tests, including checking his prostate, and found an oversized prostate. He was given another appointment, and it was during that meeting that Hill was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer.

Hill said it was the worst feeling that he ever had.  “I did not know what to do, my heart dropped, my mouth dropped,” he said. “God has blessed me to be here, and I thank God all of the time.”  He also stated he was honored the Group asked him to share his story as it was his first time publicly sharing it. He had no idea it would be so emotional. 

“Being honored like this lets me know that people still care, and it lets me know that I am not alone, and that other people have had similar experiences with cancer and it makes you feel like that you are a part of something special.”

Ms. Moser was first diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2013. She had to have a double mastectomy, and breast reconstruction. After seven years of remission, Moser said she found another lump. She went to the doctor and learned it had returned.

“I went through treatment, and now I am living,” she said.

Ms. Moser, along with Ms. Jen Reynolds, co-founded Pink Warrior Angels which is a 501c3 non-profit that helps provide financial assistance to those who are going through a cancer diagnosis, and provides support for their families.

Ms. Barbara Mims shared her journey which was complicated y her father being diagnosed and passing away months later with the same type of cancer.  Mims was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2003. After surgery to remove the caner, she received a clean bill of health in 2004.  Her father was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004 - on the same day she told him her cancer was gone. He passed away the following year and she remains cancer free. 

This was another powerful and sentimental event. Job well done

Wednesday, 31 August 2022 00:00

SGVHV School Backpack Giveaway

Star Group-Veterans Helping Veterans had another successful event where we gave away approximately 150 backpacks full of school supplies on Saturday, August 13th. 

The Star Group Veterans Backpack Event Coordinator/Director was Mr. Lovell Mitchell who’s also the SGVHV Building Coordinator.  

Mr Mitchell bought this idea to the SGVHV Advisory Committee after he was contacted by a school teacher looking for backpacks for their students. The Event was such a success and fulfilled the needs of many in the Cummunity, SGVHV voted to make it an annual event. 

It started with 50 backpacks but has now been increased to 150. Each backpack was filled with all of the supplies listed on the CCISD school supply list. The backpacks were divided into two age groups - sixth grade through high school and kindergarten through fifth grade. There were 100 bags for the secondary class group and 50 bags for the elementary group. 

Due to the continued Covid pandemic, the backpacks were distributed through the Drive By method. Information of the bag giveaway was distributed by SGVHV Team members and area nonprofits. 

People who were in need of a backpack contacted the SGVHV Team members and were placed on a list and informed of the day and time to drive by the Star Group Veterans building to get their backpacks. 

Several of the recipients were kids who probably wouldn’t have gotten new backpacks due to the current economic situation in our Country. Some were grandparents raising grandchildren, others were single parents and others indicating both work but just not enough money coming into the home. 

All said they were so grateful for Star Group-Veterans Helping Veterans but the excited looks on the kids faces made it worth all the efforts. 

One special person stated, “I think it’s awesome, because I’m a veteran myself, so I count it a blessing that the Community has this type of group and they’re here to reach out to help.”

Copperas Cove 2022 Stuff the Bus Event was another awesome success.  

Star Group Veteran, Copperas Cove Walmart and CCISD teamed up for the 2022 Stuff the Bus Event. 

Thousands of dollars’ worth of school supplies were raised during the Back to School “Stuff the Bus” weekend to help CCISD’s students in need for the new school year.

The Star Group Veterans Event Coordinator/Director was Mr. John Robertson who’s also Vice President of Star Group-Veterans Helping Veterans Team and he worked with Ms. Mandy Simmesman Store Manager and Ms. Denise Hendry front end coac, as well as Ms. Wendy Sledd of CCISD. 
Star Group Veterans Team is here to help wherever we are needed,” said Mr. Robertson.  SGVHV provides the music, operates the concession stand, collects donations and whatever else is needed to help make Stuff the Bus as successful as possible. He said that Star Group has a lot of generous sponsors that help support them and their causes. “As veterans, our role is to assist other veterans,” said Robertson. “This is to support not only veterans, but the community. There are a lot of children that will be helped by Stuff the Bus.”

“Stuff the Bus is a great event. We love our community partners that always help us,” said CCISD Superintendent Joe Burns. “Our community is so generous and always very giving…This is always a hugely successful event.”

Dr. Burns, CCISD Superintendent said that all school supplies collected during the event will be discretely distributed to CCISD’s students that need the extra help. Dr. Burns added that about 70% of their student body qualifies for free or reduced lunches and, although the number of students in need varies from year to year, it gives them an idea of how many families might need the extra support.

“Typically, families don’t need everything, but they may need something,” said Dr. Burns.

Star Group Veterans Team also host a Backpack Giveaway where they distribute 150 backpacks with all the basic supplies. 


Thursday, 01 September 2022 12:26

2022 SGVHV GOLF TOURNAMENT - September 17th


Star Group Veterans Helping Veterans will host our Annual Golf Fundraiser on Saturday, September 17th at the Hills of Cove Golf Course, 1408 Golf Course Road, Copperas Cove, TX 76522

Proceeds from the Golf Tournament help to provide 500 Food Baskets that Star Group Veterans give to those in need at Thanksgiving. 

You can pre-register by calling Ms Timmons at 214-676-8871 or the Hills of Cove Golf Course (254) 547-2606.

The fee is $75 per person/4 person team (includes Lunch).  

 If you do not have a Team, we will pair you with other singles. 

 Hole Sponsorship also accepted, please contact Ms Timmons at 214-676-8871

 Please Come Out and Play. 

Beautiful Trophies to each player on winning teams. 

Thanks for your continued Support!






Saturday, 01 January 2022 17:04

Happy New Year 2022

Thank You for your support and contributions during 2021. Because of Each of You, Star Group Veterans Helping Veterans was able to continue our Mission of Helping Others. As we enter the 2022 year, please stay Safe and Healthy.


Relay for Life (Cancer Killeen & Copperas Cove)
SGVHV School Supply Drive
SGVHV Golf Tournament Fundraiser
SGVHV Gospel Show
SGVHV Thanksgiving Food Bag Giveaway 
SGVHV Christmas Holiday Support Giveaway   


Star Group Veterans Team attended the grand opening of GO Car Wash located at 1807 E Hwy 190, Copperas Cove Texas. 

The festivities included free car washes and continental breakfast.  They even offered discounted monthly car wash passes to everyone in attendance. The Car Wash offers Free vacuums, Free mat cleaning machine and Free use of towels for drying your car!

Stanley Davis, SGVHV Advisory Committee member had noticed the activity and inquired about the opening of the Car Wash.

Chris Murphy, Go Car Wash general manager invited Star Group Veterans Team to attend the Grand Opening. 

Many of the Star Group Veterans members came out; who would skip a Free car wash. During the Grand Opening, Sheila Timmons and Stanley Davis were visiting Chris Murphy and he shared they found there was only one car wash in town so it was decided to go ahead and get another one up and running and today is the day they were doing it. Chris shared they want to be a part of the Community by giving back and offering a good car wash facility for the entire community. We also met Robert Perez HR Business Partner (Marketing) for Go Carwash Texas Region  

We also found Chris Murphy and Brenden Blanding are both veterans. Thank You for your Service! 

We welcome GO Car Wash to the Copperas Cove community!

Star Group-Veterans Helping Veterans gave away approximately 150 backpacks full of school supplies on Saturday, August 7, 2021.

This year was the second year for SG-VHV to give away backpacks. Mr Mitchell, a Star Group-Veterans Helping Veterans Advisory Committee member, was contacted last year by a teacher looking for backpacks for their students, so Mr Mitchell ran the idea past the group. The group gave away 50 backpacks last year. 

During the 2021 year, SGVHV voted to do this again but increase to 150 backpacks. Each backpack was filled with all of the supplies listed on the CCISD school supply list. 

The backpacks were divided into two age groups - sixth grade through high school and kindergarten through fifth grade. There were 100 bags for the secondary class group and 50 bags for the elementary group. 

Due to the continued Covid pandemic, the backpacks were distributed through the Drive By method. Information of the bag giveaway was distributed by SGVHV Team members and area nonprofits. 

People who were in need of a backpack contacted a SGVHV Team member and were placed on a list and informed of the day and time to drive by the Star Group Veterans building to get their backpacks. 

Ms Rose Williams brought her grandchildren, who are in fourth and second grades. She said she was so grateful for Star Group-Veterans Helping Veterans. “I think it’s awesome, because I’m a veteran myself, so I count it a blessing that the Community has this type of group and they’re here to reach out to help.”

No weather has been able to cancel the laying of the Wreaths on the graves of those who served our country. And Saturday Nov 27, 2021  was no different even with the rain and inclement conditions; still thousands came out to participate at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery Wreath for Vets laying. 

This touching Events is an honor for a moment to pay respect to the Veterans who have gone before us. It’s a small sacrifice to symbolize that their lives and what they gave is not forgotten.

Star Group Veterans Wreath for Vets Lead Team consisting of Ms Powell, Mr Spencer, Ms Bridges, Mr Robinson and Ms Robinson along with approximately 15 additional SGVHV members were on hand to help lay wreaths. 

Prior to the laying of the wreaths, there was a cemetery to honor the Veterans with Maj. Gen. Steve Gilland, Fort Hood deputy commander, giving the keynote address. He thanked Jean Shine, the founder of Friends of Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery (commonly known as Wreaths for Vets), for beginning the tradition of laying a wreath at every gravesite every year since 2007. Thanks to her vision every veteran’s grave has a wreath which is very unusual. Without her and the community this wouldn’t be possible. As of 2021, there are approximately 12,500 veterans and family members interred at the cemetery, every headstone represents a veteran. “But the headstone signifies much more than just name and rank,” Maj. Gen. Gilland said. “In this cemetery, each stone represents a lifetime of service to our nation, going far beyond their time in uniform. It represents the support of thousands of military families, as well as the sacrifice and the grief that they, too, have endured over the years. Remember “It signifies freedom and the American way of life that has been defended so valiantly by these veterans as you lay your wreaths.”

 Maj. Gen. Gilland and Command Sgt. Maj. Cliff Burgoyne, the top enlisted soldier at Fort Hood, laid the first wreath at the base of a fallen soldier monument. Star Group Veterans members Mr. & Ms Anderson son, SSG Mecolus C. Mc Daniels  listed on the wall. 

 The monument, which depicts a pair of boots, with an upright rifle and a combat helmet on the butt of the rifle, is the center of a group of other monuments that bear the names and photos of Fort Hood soldiers who have lost their lives in the line of duty during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After fulfilling their obligation, Star Group Veterans members went to the grave of each of our deceased members, to ensure there is a wreath laid and we said a prayer thanking them for their military service and commitment to the Star Group Veterans Organization. 



1. David Lehmkuhler (SGVHV Member) Died 2013

2. Willie Gordon (SGVHV Member) Died 2013 

3.James "Don"Bailey (SGVHV Member) Died 2015

4. Earnest Peel (Spouse of SGVHV Member) Died 2015

5.Willie Browning (SGVHV Member) Died 2016

6. Elijah King Jr (SGVHV Member) Died 2017 

7.Katherine Gordon (SGVHV Member) Died 2019 

8.Gainwell “Jimmy” White (SG-VHV Member) Died 2020 

9.Donald “Don” Walker (SGVHV Member) Died 2021

10.Henri Grenier, (SGVHV Member) Died 2021

11.Mark Mello (Spouse of SGVHV Member) Died 2009

12.Keith Pullins (Spouse of SGVHV Member) Died 2009

13.SSG Mecolus C. Mc Daniels (SGVHV Honorary Member & Son of SGVHV Member)  Died 2011 (In line of Duty)

14.Suzanne Belland (Relative of SGVHV Member) Died 2012

15. Naomi Lynette Robinson (Daughter of SGVHV Member), Died 2018

SG-VHV deceased members graves at other area 

  1. Jacqueline Stabler (SGVHV Member) Died 2013 (Location-Killeen Memorial)
  2. Margie Williams (SGVHV Member) Died 2015 (Location-Killeen Memorial
  3. Jimmie Hensley (SGVHV Member) Died 2017 (Location-Copperas Cove Cemetery)
  4. Rudy Rodriguez (SGVHV Member) Died 2017 (Location-Lampasas)
  5. Carol Golding SGVHV Member     Died 2019 (Location-Copperas Cove Cemetery) 

The wreaths will stay in place until Jan. 8, 2022 when volunteers will return to the Cemetry to pick the wreaths and put them in storage.

Star Group Veterans Helping Veterans gave away more than 500 turkeys and bags which included all the trimmings during its annual Thanksgiving Basket distribution. 

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the number of people inside the group’s headquarters was limited to Sponsors, Representatives from area community organizations and Special Invited Guest only; instead like in past years when all the actual 500 families would come to pick up their baskets. 

Each person entering the building underwent Covid protocol. 

Mayor Diaz welcomed everyone to Copperas Cove and said SGVHV was the fabric of the City of Copperas Cove and helps not only Veterans but the entire Community. 

Star Group-Veterans Helping Veterans received several donations on the distribution day as well. The Fort Hood Area Association of Realtors presented the group with a check for $5,500 which Ms Timmons indicated was very much appreciated and needed due area food shortage and pricing increases. She indicated SGVHV had a scare when they were unable to get the turkeys and food items due to the food shortage. But Ms Timmons said “God always prevails” and they were able to fulfill their mission. 

After the presentations and donations, Star Group-Veterans Helping Veterans Vice President Mr. John Robertson handed the first “official” Thanksgiving bag to CCISD Representative Shelly Brown who passed it to Killeen ISD Representative JJ to represent the partnership between Copperas Cove and Killeen and shows no division between the city’s.  

The turkeys and bags were distributed with CCISD receiving 60 bags and Killeen ISD (which covers Killeen, Harker Heights and Nolanville) receiving 150 bags to go to students within HARP. Also distribution was done through area non-profits and veteran organizations.

Each family received a turkey plus a bag with corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, yams, cornbread mix, cake mix, frosting, gravy mix and rice. 

But none of this would be possible without the Star Group Veterans Team Members and Mr Robertson and Mr Mitchell who took the lead on this Event. Mr Mitchell ind he had some awesome SGVHV Members who helped all the way, from purchasing, picking up food, putting together bags and the actual distribution. Again SGVHV shows it takes a Team!  

Also our Premier Corporate Sponsors who continue to always support us on Every Event.  If you are in need of any Services provided by these Sponsors we ask that you try them as they continue to support the Community and You. 


PCSI, Inc 

JR Rentals 

Linnemann Realty

Viss Family Funeral Home 

All American Chevrolet 

Century 21 Premier Realtors CC

AFGE Local 1920

AFGE District 10


Additional Bag Sponsors 

SGVHV Members

Regina Wesson 

John Sanders

The French Family

Sharon & Joe Tabor

Home Place Floors - Lampasas 

ReFresh Spa

Central Texas College 

Veterans United Mortgage 

Crawford Bowers Funeral Home

Oliver Bros Transmission

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